AI4EU AI4EU Month-9 WP7 Workshop AI
Milton Keynes, UK: September 19-20, 2019

One of the main milestones of our project is the organization of a joint workshop at Month 4 between WP5, WP6, WP7 and WP9. This workshop will take place on May 2 and 3, 2019, at Sorbonne University, Paris. Its main goals are: (1) to align the pilots in WP6 and research activities in WP7; (2) to inject the AI4EU ELSEC perspective (WP5) in those activities; and (3) to provide initial input to the AI4EU Strategic Research and Innovation Roadmap (WP9).


To attend the workshop, please register by filling the registration form at: [CLOSED] by April 12, 2019. We may not be able to fit participants who have not registered by this date. Notice that after this date all communications about this workshop will be sent to the registered people only, not to the whole AI4EU list.

There is no registration fee, but your registration is binding. AI4EU will provide coffee breaks and lunches for free; you will need to pay for the social dinner yourself.

Final program

The joint workshop will run 1.5 days, from May 2nd at 13:00 to May 3rd at 17:00. In addition, we will use the morning of May 2 for an internal WP7-only meeting. The workshop program is as follows.

Thursday, May 2nd Location
9:00 WP7 internal meeting (WP7 members only)
An agenda will be provided separately to the WP7 participants
Room 65-66 304
12:00 WP7 Lunch (on-site, WP7 members only) Caves Esclangon
13:00 Workshop registration Durand
13:30 Welcome and workshop introduction Durand
13:45 Setting the context
-> How to contribute to and use the AI4EU platform (Martin Welß, FHG)
-> Work on ESLEC issues in AI4EU (Luc Steels, UVE)
-> Work on the SRIA in AI4EU (Michela Milano, UBO)
14:30 Overviews of the five AI4EU horizontal topics
15:20 Coffee break Caves Esclangon
15:50 Overviews of the five AI4EU horizontal topics (continued)
16:50 Pause
17:00 Flash presentations of the AI4EU pilots Durand
18:00 End of Day 1
20:00 Social dinner at Bistrot de la Montagne

Friday, May 3rd Location
9:00 Introduction and organization of the day Durand
9:10 Parallel sessions focused on pilots
-> AI4Citizens
-> AI4Industry
Room 65-66 304
9:55 -> Leg stretching
10:00 -> AI4Healthcare
-> AI4Robotics
Room 65-66 304
10:45 Coffee break Caves Esclangon
11:15 Parallel sessions focused on pilots (continued)
-> AI4Media
-> AI4Iot
Room 65-66 304
12:00 -> Leg stretching
12:05 -> AI4Agriculture
-> AI4Cybersecurity
Room 65-66 304
12:50 Lunch (on-site) Caves Esclangon
14:00 Summaries from the parallel sessions: filling technology gaps from the pilots Durand
15:00 Discussion: ELSEC issues emerged in the sessions Durand
15:30 Coffee break Caves Esclangon
16:00 Discussion: Contributions to the SRIA Durand
16:45 Closing remarks Durand
17:00 End of Workshop

Please note: Getting all of us together is not easy, so let's make sure that we use this occasion in the most effective way. Please make reasonable efforts to arrange your travel in a way that allows you to be present for the whole workshop, start to end.


Campus map


The workshop is hosted at the University of Sorbonne, Pierre et Marie Curie campus, 4 place Jussieu, 75005 Paris. The campus is centrally located in Paris: click here for a Google map.

Most events will take place in the auditorium "Durand", but other rooms will be used for the WP7 meeting and for the parallel sessions: Room 65-66 304 (tower 65, 3rd floor), Room 25-26 105 (LIP6 laboratory, between towers 25 and 26, 1st floor), and Room H20 (ISIR pyramid, entrance between towers 55 and 56). Signs will be posted to guide you to the right place. Coffee breaks and lunches will be served in Caves Esclangon, outside auditorium Durand. See the Campus map on the right.

Update: There will be a registration desk at the entrance of the auditorium Durand. Make sure that you stop by the desk to sign the attendance form, pick your adhesive badge for the day, and get a copy of the final program. You will need to sign another form on the second day.

Social dinner

Restaurant map

Raja Chatila has also kindly made arrangements for a joint dinner on May 2, at 20:00, at the restaurant "Au Bistrot de la Montagne" near the venue (Note: on your own expenses). See the map on the right for how to go from the workshop venue to the restaurant, click on the map for a larger version.

Note: We have arranged a group menu at a fixed price of 37€ per person. You will make your selection directly at the restaurant from the "Bistrot menu", accessible here. You can also find a vegetarian alternative here.


Participants are expected to arrange their own travel and accommodation. Raja Chatila has kindly provided the list below of hotels near the meeting venue. He strongly recommends that you book your hotel as early as possible since May 2-3 are dates in high demand.


Organization: Lina Windh
WP6 leader: Arnaud Gotlieb
WP7 leader: Alessandro Saffiotti (main organizer)
Local support: Stéphane Doncieux
Email inquiries: <>


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